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Business opportunities in Malta

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Malta has clear and efficient procedures to open a business. The timeframes and costs to open a business in Malta are reasonable. Malta also has favourable tax rates and tax refund schemes.

Strong property market: Upon arriving to Malta, one immediately notices the extent of investment in the Maltese property market. An excellent investment when property planned and carried out, location as always is key, therefore professional advice in this area is very important for both Residential and commercial property, working with the right estate agents, negotiating favorable lease contract terms, estate agency fees, duration of lease contract, deposits and utilities.   

Malta has a growing technology and ICT sector, with Smart city Malta hosting a number of knowledge based companies.

Malta is a highly reputable jurisdiction for your business.

Malta’s geographical location in the Mediterranean sea has always had an important role in its history and in its economical and cultural development. Until 1964 Malta was a British colony. From then it became an independent Republic and on the 1st May 2004, Malta became a member of the European Union (EU). In 2007, Malta joined the Schengen area, thereby removing controls on persons at internal borders between Schengen area member states of the EU and adopting harmonised controls at EU's external borders. Therefore a visa for entry into Malta, is a valid visa for entry into the EU, normally for up to three months, and on entering Malta, the person has freedom of movement within the (Schengen area) EU member states. Malta also adopted the Euro as its official currency.  

With a population of around 400,000 people over 316 square kilometres, Malta has excellent weather most of the year round, with alot of sunny days and to make the best out of the many attractive beaches. 

One of the most important sectors in Malta is the finance sector. Malta’s finance sector legislation is in line with best practices of the Organisation for Economic, Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. Malta's strong economic growth and stability make it an attractive place to establish a wide range of business activities, from manufacturing and high quality tourist resorts, to service based industries including financial services. Malta is a strong tourist destination supporting many commercial activities. It is full of history and landmarks to visit.      

​​Why register a Company Malta

·         Member of the European Union (since 2004)

·         Access to EU Directives

·         Malta Corporate tax system is EU and OECD approved

·         Malta is an Onshore, reputable jurisdiction with attractive tax solutions

·         Malta has a stable economy and a strong banking infrastructure

·         English speaking workforce

·         Option for Passporting of Licensable operations from other EU Member States

·         Shares Transfers in Malta Companies are normally tax exempt for non-residents (with conditions regarding the company owning immovable property in Malta)

·         Significant income tax exemptions and deductions

·         Carry forward of Trading Losses indefinitely

·         Investor-friendly tax department and authorities, with the option of obtaining binding advance revenue ruling

·         Low VAT Rate (18%) and quick and easy VAT registration for trading companies

·         Various tax credits for businesses to encourage capital investment and creation of new employment in Malta

Living and Working in Malta

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The infrastructure for business is excellent, including telecommunications, ports, well established manufacturing infrastructure, an English speaking skilled work force.

In Malta, most citizens speak English and Maltese, and a large proportion also understand Italian fluently.  Malta has a Mediterranean culture and quality of life. Business correspondence and laws are carried out mainly in English.

The weather in Malta is excellent all year round, with high quality beaches and resorts to enjoy the sun and sea.

The standard of living in Malta is high, with excellent quality healthcare facilities, modern general hospitals and clinics. Crime rate is very low, and the cost of living is not high when compared to the average salaries. Malta has a good education system, with a mix of state run and private schools, which are generally quite affordable.

The public transport system was modernised and restructured, now offering a good system which is affordable and efficient. 

Looking for work in Malta is generally done through professional recruitment agencies, online sources and local newspaper searches.