Malta Residence and Visa Programme

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme is applicable for Non-EU nationals and their families looking to obtain a permanent residence in Malta. Malta is an EU member since 2004 and is part of the Schengen Area since 2007. The Programme is also known as the Malta Golden Visa and one can become a Maltese resident through investing in this residence programme.

Registering under this programme allows you and your dependents free travel with no borders within the Schengen Area (with no minimum physical stay requirement in Malta), including the right to live and stay in Malta indefinitely, with programme renewals every five years. One can also work in Malta subject to applying for an employment license/work permit. Furthermore, one can also obtain tax residency status in Malta once they are ordinarily resident in Malta (generally when spending 183 days or more in Malta), giving access to benefit of the advantageous tax system in Malta.

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Main Requirements include :-

Qualifying Residential Property: to own or rent a qualifying owned property with the following minimum values (minimum values  are applicable only in the first five years of residence);

(i) Purchase Eur320,000, lowered to Eur270,000 for properties in the South of Malta or in Gozo
(ii) Rent Eur12,000 per year, lowered to Eur10,000 per year for properties in the South of Malta or in Gozo

Qualifying Investment: Commit to invest €250,000 in Malta Government approved bonds and to hold such investment for at least five years
Application Contribution Fee of Eur30,000 (Eur5,500 on application, Eur24,500 on approval), which covers the main applicant, their spouse and children. Parents of the applicant and of the spouse can also be included for an additional fee of Eur5,000 each.

Declaration via Affidavit stating that from the date of application onwards, the main applicant has either;
Verifiable annual income of not less that Eur100,000, arising outside Malta;  or
Capital of not less than Eur500,000

Health insurance cover, covering all risks in the EU.

Other requirements include;

Valid travel documents
Police conduct certificates
Medical doctor certificate
bank statement (covering 3 months) of the applicant’s Bank account from which the initial fee and the final contribution fee will be remitted
documentary evidence of each current residential address held
All certificates (such as Birth or Marriage) would be translated to English (if required) and apostilled or legalised.

As an indication of timeframes,  the approval in principle takes circa 3 months from submission of the application. At this point we then submit the supporting documents (within a timeframe of 3 months) for the property, investment and health insurance requirements, including payment of the contribution, and it takes circa 3 months for the application to then receive final approval and for the residence cards to be issued.

We offer the full application process through our Accredited Person license, including support through official estate agencies to obtain the property requirements.